IUCN - Protecting wildlife


IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature asked WhooHoo! to produce an animation that shows how IUCN The Netherlands helps to save species by connecting habitats.

The overall feel of the film needed to be positive, short and clear for anybody who wants to see how IUCN helps to save animal species all over the globe. After the briefing, we started to make a lot of concept art to see where we wanted to go style-wise (see thumbnails at the bottom).

When we came up with a 2D handdrawn style, we experimented to see if we could use this look, but in a 3D world. So we immediately started sculpting a variety of endangered species in 3D and tried to combine this with our 2D handdrawn look. After making our beautiful animals, we needed to create entire environments. Environments, that sort of looked 2D, but still needed to have that spacious 3D feel.

Inspired on the work of Eyvind Earle ("1916 - 2000". An amazing background and style artist from Disney), we created illustrative trees, painty mountains, brushy clouds, etc. A style we think, really works for this film. Every brushstroke is made by hand, which enriches the whole 'handmade feeling' of the movie. That was very important for us to have in there. For us it resembles all the hard work done by IUCN employees worldwide, simply to make a more liveable world for endangered species around the world.

Contact us if you want to know more about the making of this project. Or just enjoy our concept art below.


Client: IUCN NL
Concept & Animation: Studio WhooHoo!