Hardwell ft. Mitch Crown - Call Me A Spaceman


After the succes of our trailer and videoclip for ASOT550 (Armin van Buuren), Dancefoundation asked us to create another clip for upcoming DJ Hardwell.

This time we wanted to create a fully 3D spot, to spice up our technical knowledge within a short amount of time. We needed to create two large environments, where the story would take place. This meant we could dive into lighting of a scene and create more sophisticated camera moves, instead of choosing a simple 2D solution.

Hardwell already had a certain kind of style for his album. Our task was to transform the 2D character, which is on the front cover of his album, into a believable 3D character, without losing the look & feel. Next to that, we knew that we couldn't do a 3-minute clip with the character fully animated in every shot in the giving timeframe. So we tried to keep the animation really subtle.


Client: Hardwell
Production: Dancefoundation
Concept & Animation: Studio WhooHoo!
SoundFX: Hardwell