In 2010 we created the short film Schaduw van Bonifatius (Shadow of Boniface) on the Dutch Film and Television Academy. This is the breakdown of a small selection of VFX shots.

The whole film was completed in one year from start to finish, with a post-production time of three months.
The 20-minute short film was completely filled with visual effects. Only two shots where not touched by the CG team.


Visual effects team:
Stef Holtz
Ruud Kouwenberg
Bas van Bergen
Bas Moonen
Bram Vleugel
Vincent van der Klaauw
Danielle Kempen

Production Design: Joery Verweij

Director: Thijs Schreuder
Producer: Mels Kroon
Scenario: Olga Ponjee
D.O.P: Oscar Verpoort
Editor: Xander Bruins
Sound Design: Dennis Kersten