Stef Holtz (Founder, Creative Director)

Stef Holtz

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As most kids start drawing at an early age, Stef discovered that he was actually very good at it. He became very passionate, drawing everything he could think of. Together with a good friend he created loads of cartoons and comics. The only thing that was missing was movement.

When Adobe Flash presented itself he finally had the tools to bring the drawings to life. Eventually this resulted in a study of Multimedia Design where his passion for animation grew even further and he was introduced to the combination of 3D animation and film. To learn more about the principles of film he enlisted for the Visual Effects department at the Dutch Film and Television Academy. This is where passion, teamwork and experience came together. Essential for creating story driven animation.

He gained experience working as a freelance creative director. Putting his creative stamp on many Dutch commercial productions. After a few years he took matters into his own hands and followed his dream of owning a animation studio. He teamed up with his friend Ruud and together they brought life to Studio WhooHoo!
This is where he can fully express his creative mind. No restrictions.

“As a kid I loved drawing and now I can make a living with it. This is a privilege and a blessing. Lovin it!”

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